Writer's Guide to Book Editors, Publishers and Literary Agents 2003-2004

by Jeff Herman

Prima, July, 2002.
Trade Paperback, 892 pages.
ISBN: 076153735X
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Writer's Guide to Book Editors, Publishers and Literary Agents 2003-2004 by Jeff Herman The new edition of the annual Writer's Guide offers a plethora of detailed information for would-be authors about agents, editors and publishers. The publisher listings are divided into four sections: U.S. publishers, university presses, religious, spiritual, and inspirational publishers and Canadian publishers. The publisher listings include contact information and names of editors, full write-ups about the publisher, including recently published books, a description of any imprints and background information about the editors. Some questions and answers are with a specific editor are also provided. The second section in the book covers agents. Like the publisher listings, agent listings also include contact information and a write-up which gives detailed information about each agent or agency. Some of the agents also answer question and answers, and give their descriptions of what makes a "Client from Hell" and what makes a "Dream Client". A final section in the book contains essays from industry insiders covering issues such as getting an agent, book promotion, contracts, book doctors and self-publishers.

The Writer's Guide is written by New York literary agent Jeff Herman, owner of the Jeff Herman Literary Agency. The agent and publisher listings are invaluable; they contain inside information that you won't find elsewhere. When looking for an agent or publisher, it is crucial that writers target the right person who publishes that writer's type of book. The Writer's Guide takes the guesswork out of pitching, and is an essential tool for aspiring authors.

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