by C.J. Barry

Leisure Books, May, 2004.
Paperback, 340 pages.
ISBN: 0505525739
Subgenre: Futuristic
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Unleashed by C.J. Barry Lacey Garrett is through with men. A computer programmer, she lost her job and her money when her creepy boyfriend took credit for her work and split, leaving behind only his cat Oliver. While working on her last programming project (and only source of income) Lacey answers a posting on an online bulletin board. The next thing she knows, she and Oliver are on board a spaceship with a handsome but grumpy captain who is demanding that she tell him all she knows about the strange artifacts on the planet where they have crash landed. At first unbelieving, Lacey eventually accepts the fact that she's really stuck on an alien's ship with no way home (his transporting equipment has malfunctioned). She decides to help the handsome Zain find out what's going on below the surface of this seemingly abandoned planet, which appears to be a launch point for some kind of subversive activity.

No one writes a futuristic romance quite like C.J. Barry. Her sexy and unique mix of humor, wit, intergalactic politics and steamy passion make for a wildly enjoyable reading experience. A bag packed with C.J. Barry books would be a welcome companion on any summer vacation.

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