The Watch

by Dennis Danvers

Eos, January, 2002.
Hardcover, 356 pages.
ISBN: 0380977621
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The Watch by Dennis Danvers As he lays on his deathbed, the anarchist prince Peter Alexeivch Kropotkin is visited by a mysterious man from the future. He is offered a new life in the year 1999. Between wracking coughs, Kropotkin agrees, and is instantly transported to the year 1999, with his own, rejuvenated body, a passport, a green card, but no money. Alone in Richmond, Virginia, a city with a racially turbulent past, Kropotkin starts over at life. He meets Rachel Pederson, a social worker who helps him, and beings to put a life together. As he adjusts to life in the 20th century, he begins to see that all the old social injustices that he fought against in his old life still exist. And he begins to wonder what his benefactor wants from him. Is his life his to lead, or is there something more sinister going on?

Dennis Danvers (Circuit of Heavan) presents us with a thought-provoking time travel novel that is sure to fascinate. Danvers' novels always explore some facet of our society, and this novel is no exception. A bittersweet love story, as well as an exploration of the themes of freedom, self-determinism, racism and social ethics, The Watch is also a funny and moving story of a man who is displaced in time. Don't miss it.

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