The Ghost of Carnal Cove

by Evelyn Rogers

Leisure Books, November, 2002.
Paperback, 384 pages.
ISBN: 084395115X
Subgenre: Gothic
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The Ghost of Carnal Cove by Evelyn Rogers After a heartbreaking love affair, Makenna Lindsey travels to England, hoping to find a place to mend her spirit. Her journey ends on the Isle of Wight, where she takes to walking along the beach known as Carnal Cove. Carnal Cove is overlooked by a mansion owned by Captain Nicholas Saintjohn. Against her better judgment, Makenna agrees to tutor Nicholas' son in art and music. But there are strange things going on at Carnal Cove; there is a ghost that only she can see and hear. Why does Nicholas keep trying to get her to leave Carnal Cove? And why does she have a feeling that staying on the island could be very dangerous for her?

Evelyn Rogers has helped revitalize the gothic romance genre; she takes the classic gothic elements and turns them into something new and contemporary. The atmosphere is dark and sinister, and the hero is appropriately handsome and moody. But the heroine is no shrinking violet and she is also quite intelligent. This is the thinking woman's gothic romance: passionate, thrilling and wildly entertaining.

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