Star Wars: Galactic Phrase Book & Travel Guide

by Ben Burtt, Illustrations by Sergio Aragones

Del Ray, August, 2001.
Trade paperback, 175 pages.
ISBN: 0345440749
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Star Wars: Galactic Phrase Book & Travel Guide by Ben Burtt Ok, you're stranded on the planet Varl, and you don't speak a word of Huttese. What to do? Well, if you have your handy Galactic Phrase Book & Travel Guide with you, you've got nothing to worry about. Simply shout out the appropriate phrase: Ap-xmasl keepuna! (Don't shoot!) and proceed to negotiate (money always talks on Varn.) From how to order a drink on Tatooine, to how to make first contact with an Ewok to renting a spacecraft, all the handy phrases are here -- along with some very helpful traveling advice for those journeying through the Star Wars universe. This is an indispensable little book that every Star Wars fan must own.

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