Songwriter's Market 2002

by Ian Bessler

Writer's Digest Books, September, 2001.
Trade Paperback, 516 pages.
ISBN: 1582970475
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Songwriter's Market 2002 by Ian Bessler The Songwriter's Market is the annual guide for songwriters from Writer's Digest Books. The guide provides business advice, articles and tips for writers combined with extensive information about agents and markets for songwriters. The market listings provide detailed information about places songwriters can submit their demo tapes and song lyrics, including record companies, record producers, music publishers, managers and book agents, play producers and contests. Each listing contains contact information, descriptions of the needs of the market, tips and specials symbols which indicate payment and royalty rates, the market's openness to beginners, region and whether the listing has been updated since last year's edition. The book also contains detailed listings of awards, contests, workshops, conferences, colonies and additional references. The Song Writer's Market is a book every professional songwriter should own. It provides an enormous amount of practical advice for songwriters, including business information, and over a thousand potential markets.

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