Sister of the Moon

by Janeen O'Kerry

Love Spell, December, 2001.
Paperback, 315 pages.
ISBN: 050552466X
Subgenre: Historical paranormal
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Sister of the Moon by Janeen O'Kerry Queen Scahta of the Sidhe faces a terrible dilemma. The rule of the faeries is nearing an end, as human settlements grow larger, and their use of iron increases. The recent bad harvests have left the clan very poorly off, indeed. Scahta needs a miracle to save her people: a husband that will rule as king and help her save her people. She considers several of the male Sidhe, but none of them seems to measure up. So she turns to the human race, and chooses Anlon to undergo the tests that will prove whether he is fit to be a king.

Anlon is the aspiring knight who changes his ambitions midstream when he meets the beautiful Sachta on a moonlight night. After all, who can resist a beautiful faery queen? But the Sidhe despise Anlon, and the brave knight must compete against a handsome male Sidhe for the hand of the Faery Queen in marriage. Sister of the Moon is a charming and unusual ancient Celtic romance with magic, passion and even subtle humor. This is a great book to curl up by the fire with on a cold winter night.

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