Run for Your Life: A Book for Beginning Women Runners

by Deborah Reber

Perigee, April, 2002.
Trade paperback, 224 pages.
ISBN: 0399527567
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Run for Your Life: A Book for Beginning Women Runners by Deborah Reber Now that the national media has informed us that we are a nation of out of shape, under-exercisers (not that most of needed more than a quick glance in the mirror to know that we could stand to drop 10lbs.), many of us are thinking about picking up those running shoes and hitting the track. After all, running is one of the easiest and most convenient exercises to master: you just put on your running shoes and head out the door. But what do you wear? How do you start? What if it's been twenty years since you ran anywhere, for any reason? What's the best way to progress to avoid injury?

Distance runner and New York marathoner Deborah Reber has all the answers to those and many other questions in her excellent new book. Written in a humorous and accessible style, Run For Your Life helps the beginning runner with everything from training questions to how to get motivated when you'd really rather stay in bed. Also included are anecdotes and quotes from other real-life women who have had all the same questions and have found running a simple way to stay sane, healthy and slim in our hectic and overscheduled world. This is an essential book for any woman who has just begun running, or is still just dreaming of thinner thighs.

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