Pen & Sword: A Journalist's Guide to Covering the Military

by Edward Offley

Marion Street Press, November, 2001.
Paperback, 311 pages.
ISBN: 0966517644
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Pen & Sword: A Journalist's Guide to Covering the Military by Edward Offley Pen & Sword offers useful tips for journalists covering the military, conflicts and wars. This is an extremely timely book, considering the current war on terrorism and possible war with Iraq. The book provides details of how journalists have covered previous military engagements and offers advice and suggestions for covering future events. Tips are provided for dealing with public affairs officers, meeting generals and commanders and surviving the Pentagon. The book also covers sensitive issues journalists face in covering war, like reporting on a serviceman's death, and covering an aircraft crash. Pen & Sword also contains extensive reference information, including an overview of the defense industry, lists and pictures of military rank, lists of government military websites and a chronology of U.S. military operations since 1981.

Ed Offley, an experienced Gulf War reporter at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, teaches journalists how to handle the difficult issues presented by war coverage and shows them what types of information are readily available for further research. Pen & Sword is an excellent book for any journalist, but especially for journalists who are covering the military beat, including the current War on Terrorism.

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