by Hans Rodionoff, Enrique Breccia and Keith Giffen

Vertigo/DC Comics, March, 2004.
Graphic Novel (Mature Readers), 144 pages.
ISBN: 1401201105
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Lovecraft by Hans Rodionoff, Enrique Breccia and Keith Giffen H.P Lovecraft (1890-1937) is one of the great American horror masters. His influence has been felt throughout the genres of horror, fantasy and sf and beyond. The truth behind Lovecraft's life is as bizarre as one might expect from the creator of Cthulu and the Old Ones. Based upon a screenplay about Lovecraft's life, this new graphic novel asks the question, "What if the Cthulhu and all the other nightmarish visions Lovecraft described were real?" The story follows the major events in Lovecraft's life: his childhood when he was forced to dress as a little girl, the death of his father in an insane asylum, the loss of the family fortune, his writing career and his failed romance. Overshadowing all these events is the knowledge that Lovecraft gained from a secret book that was his father's, called the Necronomicon which opens a gate to a world of pure horror. Lovecraft spends his life battling the monsters from Arkham, which are determined to take Lovecraft's very soul.

Howard Lovecraft's tortured life provides rich material for the imaginations of Hans Rodionoff and Keith Giffenand, and the perfectly suited illustration style of Enrique Breccia. Breccia manages to convey both the grotesquerie of the Lovecraftian universe and the pathos of Lovecraft's life in this fascinatingly creepy story.

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