Inside JavaScript

by Steven Holzner, Ph.D.

New Riders, August, 2002.
Trade paperback, 1072 pages.
ISBN: 0735712859

Inside JavaScript by Steven Holzner, Ph.D. Inside JavaScript is a detailed reference book for JavaScript programmers containing full JavaScript syntax, instruction and example code. The book lists and explains each JavaScript function, methods, events and objects, with examples and suggestions for how to best use the code. The book also provides instruction on useful methods for using JavaScript, including opening new windows, mouse rollovers, submitting forms, pre-caching images, data binding and changing style sheets on the fly. The book also covers cross-browser issues so readers can be sure to implement JavaScript that is readable by most web browsers. Inside JavaScript contains thousands of pages of instruction, examples and JavaScript reference material. The book provides both basic instruction for beginners just getting started with JavaScript and advanced code and techniques for more experienced web developers. Anyone serious about using JavaScript on their website should have a copy of Inside JavaScript nearby.

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