Impossible Odds

by Dave Duncan

Eos, November, 2003.
Hardcover, 365 pages.
ISBN: 0380818345
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Impossible Odds by Dave Duncan The King's Blades are back in another adventure in the popular sword and sorcery series. The Grand Duke Rubin is on the run and in desperate need of protection after being illegally deposed from his throne. King Athelgar wants to order several King's Blades to be assigned to the Duke, but there are no suitable candidates at Ironhall. So the Grand Master is forced to assign Ranter, Ringwood and Bellman to the Duke -- although none of the young Blades are ready for the responsibility. Also joining the Duke's entourage is a young White Sister, one of the mystical order whose members can literally sniff out the presence of magic and sorcery. Now the young Blades are in for the challenge of a lifetime as they face dark magic, evil and some shocking revelations about their own employer.

The release of a new Dave Duncan book is always something to look forward to. Duncan has that rare ability to whisk you away from your present surroundings and plant you squarely in a world of sorcery, swordfights, bravery and adventure. Duncan writes with energy and humor; he is as skilled with words as the legendary Lord Durendal is with a blade. Impossible Odds is one of the stand-alone books set in the King's Blades universe, so no prior knowledge of the books is necessary to enjoy this entertaining tale.

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