Father Fox's Christmas Rhymes

by Clyde Watson

Farrar, Straus and Giroux, October, 2003.
Picture Book, 40 pages.
ISBN: 0374375763
Ages 4-8
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Father Fox's Christmas Rhymes by Clyde Watson The original Father Fox's Pennyrhymes was a National Book Award Finalist. Its snappy rhymes and cheerful illustrations help make it a modern classic. Now, Father Fox has turned his hand to the Christmas season, with excellent results.

"Who is that knocking at the door? It's old Father Fox with surprises galore! Licorice & lollipops, lemons & limes A bundle of toys & a bag full of rhymes . . ."

The Fox family engages in classic Yuletide fun: making cider, playing in the snow, hiding presents and enjoying the company of family. The rhymes are joyful with a snappy rhythm and the illustrations are gorgeous. The large size of the book makes it perfect for story night; little ones are sure to sit spellbound as you read from this holiday treasure.

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