Click Here for Murder

by Donna Andrews

Berkley Prime Crime, May, 2003.
Hardcover, 295 pages.
ISBN: 0425188566
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Click Here for Murder by Donna Andrews Hopper Turing is not your ordinary sleuth. She's an "Artificial Intelligence Personality" created by a gifted computer programmer (see, You've Got Murder). When Turing's friend, systems engineer Ray Santiago, is found murdered Hopper and her human friends, Maude and Tim, search for their friend's killer. It seems that Ray spent a lot of time participating in LARP (live action roleplaying games) and he had quite a lot of secrets in his past. To make matters worse, his laptop (which had passwords which would enable a cracker to attack Turing) is now missing. The more they look into Ray's secret life, the more dangerous things become for both human and cyber-sleuths.

A.I. sleuth Turing Hopper is a real original. In fact, she's the most appealing character in the series -- and she's not even of organic origin. Donna Andrews provides an interesting puzzle to solve and she makes the subculture of live action role playing and the world of computers accessible and interesting, even to the reader who is not expert in the field.

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