A Wizard Named Nell (The Keepers)

by Jackie French Koller

Aladdin Books, October, 2003.
Paperback, 180 pages.
ISBN: 0689855915
Ages 8-12
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A Wizard Named Nell (The Keepers) by Jackie French Koller In the land of Eldearth, the dark powers are kept at bay by the Imperial Wizard, who is growing old and weak. A new Imperial Wizard must be found or the dark powers will overwhelm the goodness and light of the kingdom. According to the ancient prophecy the Chosen One "must be royally born, tragedy torn, and bearing the mark of the Dove." And a boy, according to the customs of Eldearth. But Princess Nell thinks that she fits the bill. So she defies her father's wishes and sets out to fulfill the three tests that the Chosen One must pass to be accepted as an Apprentice to the Imperial Wizard. But first she installs a boy named Owen as her double at her new boarding school, so she won't be missed. Accompanied by her tiny dragon named Minna, Nell sets out on her quest. But even if she accomplishes her goals, there is no guarantee that the Wizard will even accept a girl as his Apprentice.

Written in an engaging and easygoing style, A Wizard Named Nell is a very readable, delightful story, with dragons, magic and a likeable protagonist. The trials are not too scary for younger readers and the cliffhanger ending will leave readers wanting more about the girl that defies convention and dares much in order to save her beloved home.

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