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Anna Wintour Gives Blogs a Makeover (March 16, 2007): Anna Wintour, the legendary editor of Vogue magazine is known for her excellent taste and her demanding ways.

Richard Powers Abandons His Keyboard (January 8, 2007): National Book Award-winning novelist Richard Powers claims that he has barely touched a keyboard in years, except under duress.

The Producer, the Writer and the Liveblogging Experience (September 26, 2006): Tim Kring, the creator of the new NBC series, Heroes, was online during the premiere last night and liveblogged during the episode.

The Vloggers' Road To Fame and Fortune (July 24, 2006): The New York Times reports on a growing trend of web auteurs having their work picked up by major studios.

The Washington Post Wades Back Into the Blogosphere (April 7, 2006): In the wake of the Washington Post blogging debacle, the newspaper is now starting over in the blogosphere: the paper is now actively looking to hire one conservative blogger and one liberal blogger to create a kind of "Point-Counterpoint" of Blogging.

Clooneygate Comes to an End (March 22, 2006): The Associated Press attempts to make sense of the Great Arianna Huffington-George Clooney Blogging Disaster.

Trapped on a Plane With Jessica Simpson (February 10, 2006): Author Steven J.

Reporters Without Borders Accuses Yahoo of Indirectly Helping to Jail Chinese Writers (February 9, 2006): Yahoo has been accused by Reporters Without Borders of providing information which led to the arrest of Chinese dissident writer Li Zhi.

New Media Opportunities for Writers (January 3, 2006): As television and media continue to evolve in the digital age, opportunities for writers are expanding.

European Publishers Council Head Says Internet Content Won't Remain Free For Long (December 7, 2005): European publishers have just about had it with Google, Inc.

James Patrick Kelly Dives Into Podcasting (November 2, 2005): Two-time Hugo award-winning author James Patriick Kelly is trying an interesting experiment: he's podcasting his author reading of his new book in installments.

Some Bloggers Would be Protected Under Proposed Federal Shield Law (October 25, 2005): Journalists have long lobbied for a federal shield law, which would allow them to protect confidential sources without going to jail.

Naked Conversation: Blogging the Book (August 8, 2005): Shel Israel and Robert Scoble are blogging a book about blogs and corporate communications called the Naked Conversation.

Tom Dolby's Dolblog (July 12, 2005): Tom Dolby, the author of the bestseller The Trouble Boy (Kensington Books), discusses blogging and author blogs in an article in the San Fransico Chronicle.

Blogs: An Author's Best Friend? (July 7, 2005): The New York Times explores the world of authors who blog while they are writing a book.

Book Within a Game in Second Life (June 20, 2005): Science Fiction author and popular Boing Boing blogger Cory Doctorow is doing an interesting promotion for his latest SF novel, Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town (Tor Books).

What if Edgar Allen Poe Was a Blogger? (June 20, 2005): Chuck Palahniuk, author of Fight Club and his new book, Haunted ponders blogging and media freedom in an interview with Chris Atchison of Metro Toronto.

Food Bloggers Unite to Write Book (May 24, 2005): Food bloggers are uniting to write a book.

The Top 100 Speeches of the 20th Century (May 22, 2005): Who has the "power of rhetorical eloquence" in America? That was the question addressed by Stephen E.

Writer's Bump Headed for Extinction (May 21, 2005): Writer's bumps are headed for extinction.