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General Blogging Resources

Here is the collection of general blogging resource links. Click here to return to the blogging links section.

Blake Carver's Weblog Bibliography
A weblog that provides coverage of new blogging articles and trends.

Blog About Blogs
As the name suggests this is a blog about blogs and blogging. It also includes links to weblog resources and tools.

Blog Tips
A Twitter linking to blogging tip articles and posts.

BlogBib CARL 2002
An annotated bibliography on weblogs & blogging. Contains links with description to blogging tools, articles and resources with a focus on library-related blogs.

BlogComp: Blog Tool Feature Comparison Table
A handy table which helps you compare some of the most popular blogging tools.

BlogCon is an upcoming blogging convention. This gathering of bloggers is expected to take place August 23-25, 2002.

How big is the blogosphere? What is its shape, color, true nature? Blogcount catalogs efforts to answer these questions. Blogcount collects and organizes reports and analyses on this subject.

Blogdex is an interesting MIT Media Laboratory project which tracks the most popular links within blogs.

BloggersBlog.com is a weblog covering blogging news and trends.

The focus of Blogorama is weblog journalism, weblog search, weblog publishing technology, and all other things weblog.

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