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Providing tips for blogs can be complex because there are so many different types of blogs. Here are four tips for increasing traffic to your blog:
  • Link to Other Bloggers - linking to other bloggers in your post is one way to get other bloggers to notice you and possibly gain new readers as a result
  • Increase Posting Frequency - you are more likely to grow your readership if you have more to say. A daily blog will tend to have a larger readership than a blog that only has a post or two a month. Blogs that cover a specific subject will likely find it helps to blog about current events related to that subject.
  • Promote Your Blog - there are many ways to promote your blog. You can list it in blog directories. You can use social media sites, like Facebook and Twitter, to publish your latest posts and drive traffic to your posts. You can add your blog to search engines. You can also promote the blog in the real world through newspapers ads, flyers, mailings, etc. You can also attend events, such as conferences, where you might be able to meet other blgogers and find readers for your blog.
  • Build a Community - if you can get some regular commenters on your blog it can help grow traffic. There is a drawback here as it will take an increasing amount of time and effort to battle spam on a busy comment section.

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