Becoming an Author After Age 50

Posted on April 8, 2008

Writer's Digest has a literary agent give the scoop for aspiring writers who are over fifty. There are some great tips in the article for competing with those 20 years olds that just got a million dollar book contract:
1. AVOID ALL REFERENCES TO THE "R" WORD. "Retirement" conjures up images of mobile homes and leisure time-something you, as a career novelist, are unlikely to have much of once your book is released. When you're talking to agents and editors, or querying them by mail, you're not retired. You were, perhaps, most recently an accountant, but your professional situation has fortunately changed, so now you can pursue your literary career on a full-time basis. You've distilled your considerable life experience down into a phenomenal book that's going to have a wide audience. But you didn't decide to write a book because you had extra time on your hands. (You'd be surprised how many query letters trumpet that motivation.)
Great advice, and there's lots more where that came from.

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