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And now a note from Joyce...

Hello, Cyberspace! I hope visitors will find something here to entertain them. There's stuff about me, something about my books, and even some "interviews" I conducted with characters from my two series. Want to know more about Lady Margaret Priam? Or catch a glimpse of the adorable Prince Paul Castrocani, and learn a bit about his Eurotrash days?

You'll find both here, and in the future, you'll get acquainted with Paul's very rich mother, Carolyn Sue Hoopes, who'll be interviewed at her lavish spread in Dallas, and Betty Trenka at her modest home in Connecticut. Betty remains entirely undomesticated, so she won't be giving you a nice cookie recipe or tips on stenciling borders. If I manage to get to Rome, I'll be sure to interview Paul's father, Prince Aldo, and there are many others.

Let me know who you'd like to see interviewed, and what questions you have for any of my characters. Both Margaret and Paul graciously posed for the drawings by my good friend, Otto Franz Krone, who also did the picture of me.

I'm always glad for feedback about the page, my books, and where I went wrong in the path of my life. Hey, it's too late to change the wrong now, but at least I made one right choice when my father suggested I learn to type. Enjoy!

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