Archie Comics is Relaunching Red Circle Comics as Dark Circle Comics

Posted on July 12, 2014

Logo for Dark Circle Comics

Archie Comics is getting back into the superhero business in a big way. Archie is relaunching its Red Circle Comics imprint under the new name of Dark Circle Comics. The Red Circle Comics imprint was launched in the 1970s as a platform for the superheroes that didn't really fit in the Archie world. The Fly, the Fox, Firefly the Web and Wizard had their adventures chronicled in the imprint.

At one point, the characters were licensed to DC Comics, but DC never could get it off the ground and it folded in 2010. Then the imprint went digital, but that didn't really work either. So Archie has decided to something different.

Dark Circle Comics will focus on superheroes and will have a more mature and literary approach to the character arcs. Archie describes the new imprint as being more cinematic, in a nod the the darker, more complex stories seen in feature films in recent years.

Alex Segura, the Dark Circle Comics Editor, is the captain of the ship for the new imprint. Segura spoke with USA Today about the launch. He said that the new issues will be "creator-driven books telling new, genre bending stories with some of the best characters in comics." Segura mentioned the hit cable television shows, True Detective, Orange is the New Black and Boardwalk Empire as examples of the tone of the new line.

He says the voices will be unique and the characters will be flawed and come from all genres. As for continuity problems, that's been solved by wiping the slate clean for the characters in the Red Circle universe.

Image: Archie Comics

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