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Job Seekers Should Not Burn Bridges


If it takes a month for every $10,000 in annual salary you earned at your last job to find a new job, it could be a year or more before many executives find employment, says Laura Lorber, managing editor of

"Don't burn bridges with former colleagues at your previous employers," advises Lorber. "More than anyone else, these people know your value and may be willing to recommend you to future employers." Lorber is co-author of Diary of a Job Search (Ten Speed Press).

Another vital element in the job search process is networking.

"It's remarkable how many candidates forget the importance of staying connected. After their next layoff, they kick themselves for neglecting their contacts," says Lorber. offers these tips to help individuals bring their job hunts to successful resolution:
  • Create a job-search plan.
  • Network, network, network.
  • Expect your hunt to take time.
  • Sign up for additional training (if needed).
  • Be open to taking temporary assignments.
And, once you've accepted a position:
  • Update recruiters and colleagues whom you contacted during your transition on where you "landed."
  • Write to everyone who helped with your search process to thank them for their assistance.
  • Look for ways to adapt to constant change in the work world.
  • Keep your resume up to date, even though you are happily employed.
  • Plan for your next job search the day you start your new job. features more than 30,000 jobs and 2,500 articles on all aspects of job hunting and career management. also features salary data, negotiating tips, popular columns from The Wall Street Journal, and exclusive content from its own dedicated news staff. The site was recently awarded a gold star and named Best Executive Career Site by Yahoo! Internet Life magazine, received a Best of the Web award from Forbes magazine and was selected Best Site by CareerXRoads in their 2002 Directory.

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