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Luke Wilson and Carla Gugino Star in Cameron Crowe's Roadies (February 12, 2016): Luke Wilson, Carla Gugino and Imogen Poots star in the first trailer for the new Showtime comedy Roadies, which was created by Cameron Crowe.

Trailer for Season 4 of House of Cards (February 10, 2016): The trailer for season four of House of Cards is out and it's jam packed with intrigue, violence and mystery.

SNL: Larry David is Bernie Sanders in the Spoof Bern Your Enthusiasm (February 7, 2016): One of the best SNL sketches last night was the video short Bern Your Enthusiasm, in which we see the life of Bernie Sanders if he really was Larry David.

SNL Promos: Larry David and Leslie Jones Squabble (February 5, 2016): Larry David and Leslie Jones squabble in new promos for SNL. Larry is hosting with The 1975 as the musical guest.

Chris Martin and James Corden do Carpool Karaoke (February 3, 2016): Coldplay lead singer Chris Martin hitched a ride to the Superbowl with James Corden. They sang song, drank lemonade and even rode a bicycle built for two.

Chris Hemsworth Goes Undercover as a Woman on SNL (December 13, 2015): Chris Hemsworth dons a dress and wig to go undercover at brunch to see if women still find him attractive. The results are hilarious.

DC Heroes and Villains Unite in Legends of Tomorrow Trailer (December 2, 2015): The Legends of Tomorrow trailer is out and it's amazing. Rip Hunter leads Atom, Firestorm, White Canary on a quest through time to stop Vandal Savage.

Peter Jackson Meets The Doctor and a Dalek (November 30, 2015): Peter Jackson posted a hilarious video in which he meets The Doctor (Peter Capaldi) and a Dalek. Looks like he'll be directing a Doctor Who episode.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Lip Synchs Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation (November 22, 2015): Joseph Gordon-Levitt absolutely nailed his lip synch performance of Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation. It's jaw-droppingly good.

SNL: JJ Abrams Reveals Star Wars Screen Tests (November 22, 2015): On SNL director J.J. Abrams revealed the screen tests for Jon Hamm, John Meyer, Shaquille O'Neal, Sofia Vergara and Michael Buble

Jennifer Lawrence and Jimmy Fallon Ask You to Come Dance With Them (November 19, 2015): Jennifer Lawrence and Jimmy Fallon showed off their coolest club moves in an instructional dance video infomercial for Come Dance With Us

SNL Promos: Elizabeth Banks, Lorde, Sam Smith, Disclosure and Leslie Jones Get Silly (November 14, 2015): Elizabeth Banks is hosting Saturday Night Live tonight. In these promos she is joined by Leslie Jones, Lorde, Sam Smith and Disclosure

Jennifer Lopez and Ray Liotta Star in First Shades of Blue Trailer (November 8, 2015): Jennifer Lopez is forced to become an FBI informant against her fellow cops in the first Shades of Blue trailer.

Larry David Heckles Donald Trump During SNL Monologue (November 8, 2015): Larry David heckled Donald Trump during Trump's Saturday Night Live monologue. Larry explained he was told he'd get $5,000 to yell Trump was a racist.

Donald Trump Tries on Sia's Wig in New SNL Promo (November 7, 2015): Donald Trump is hosting SNL tonight and his supporters and detractors will both be out in full force. Meanwhile Trump tried on Sia's amazing wig.

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