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SNL: Larry David is Bernie Sanders in the Spoof Bern Your Enthusiasm

Larry David hosted Saturday Night Live Larry David hosted Saturday Night Live last night and it was amazing. One of the best sketches was the spoof of Larrys HBO comedy Curb Your Enthusiasm. The video short imagines what it would be like if Bernie Sanders really is Larry David, as he jokingly declared during an interview with Anderson Cooper. In Bern Your Enthusiasm Sanders (Larry David) goes about his life in his normal, grumpy way. This leads to some disturbing results at the Iowa Caucus. Read more... February 7, 2016

Kung Fu Panda 3 Wins Box Office for Second Straight Weekend

Kung Fu Panda 3 won the weekend box office with a $21 million opening. This was a 49% drop from its opening numbers last weekend. It was a weak weekend overall as the nation prepared for Super Bowl Sunday. Read more... February 7, 2016

Beyonce Drops New Single and Video Called Formation

Beyonce just dropped a new video and single called "Formation." The single is available to download for free on Tidal. Beyonce is scheduled to perform with Coldplay during the Super Bowl halftime show tomorrow, so absolutely no one was expecting her to drop a new video. The video was filmed in New Orleans and has many images reflecting what happened after Hurricane Katrina as well as the police shootings of young black men. Read more... February 6, 2016

SNL Promos: Larry David and Leslie Jones Squabble

Larry David is hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend with musical guest The 1975. Bernie teamed up with Leslie Jones to some promos for the show. But they ran into some problems because Larry is not really into the whole promo thing. Read more... February 5, 2016

Alice Through the Looking Glass Looks Wilder Than Tim Burton's Film

Disney has released a teaser trailer for the Alice in Wonderland sequel, Alice Through the Looking Glass. The trailer is narrated by the Blue Caterpillar (Alan Rickman), which just reminds again of what a fantastic actor he was and how much he will be missed. Read more... February 4, 2016

Chris Martin and James Corden do Carpool Karaoke

James Corden's Carpool Karaoke segments are always great. The latest segment was no exception. Coldplay front man Chris Martin joined James for a singing and driving session that was surprisingly funny and entertaining. Who knew Chris Martin was so funny? Read more... February 3, 2016

Melissa Rauch Stars in the Raunchy Comedy The Bronze

The Big Bang Theory's Melissa Rauch is an Olympic bronze medalist who returns to her hometown in the trailer for the raunchy gymnastics comedy The Bronze. Melissa plays Hope Annabelle Greggory, who won the bronze medal in women's gymnastics. She would have won the gold but had a terrible accident on the balance beam. Read more... February 2, 2016

Margot Robbie and Jared Leto Bring the Crazy in Suicide Squad Trailer

The second Suicide Squad trailer is out and it's set to Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" which actually works quite well for the film and its iconoclastic and violent characters. The government has decided it needs some very expendable soldiers to fight a new threat. They are the worst of the worst and they're being let out of a maximum security prison to save the world. And probably die. Read more... January 29, 2016

Trailer for 10 Cloverfield Lane Raises Questions for Cloverfield Fans

The first trailer for 10 Cloverfield Lane has dropped and it's very promising. J.J. Abrams says the film is a "blood relative" to the film Cloverfield, so it's not a sequel but is set in the same world. The trailer opens showing what looks like a normal family is inside a rec room doing normal family things, eating dinner, playing games, watching tv. Quickly we realize that the "house" is actually a bunker and at least one person is not there voluntarily. Read more... January 23, 2016

Derek Zoolander Reveals His Diet and Exercise Secrets to Vogue

The PR campaign for Zoolander 2 has been more entertaining than most movies. The posters and the trailers (one of which features Derek Zoolander (Ben Stiller) as a Man-Cow hybrid with elf ears have been outstanding. But now it's getting real. Derek Zoolander goes full Blue Steel on the cover of February Vogue and it's pretty amazing. He shares the cover with Oscar winner Penelope Cruz, or Valentina, her character in Zoolander 2. Read more... January 19, 2016

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