Launches New Short Fiction Imprint

Posted on June 1, 2014 is launching a new fiction imprint for shorter works, including novellas, serializations, shorter novels and other forms that are less than 17,499 words.

The titles will be DRM free and will be available for purchase. The titles will be published digitally, but will also be available in audio and Print on Demand formats. A select few titles will be given a traditional publishing roll out with full support.

In a statement, the company discussed its commitment to the ebook format and how digital books offer greater flexibility for publishing shorter works and shorten the publishing time. The company also promised authors that its contracts are fair saying, "We have worked hard ensure that our contracts are as streamlined and author-friendly as possible, and will only include rights that can be immediately utilized by the authors. Authors will be offered the option of receiving a traditional advance against net earnings or higher rates with no advance. Royalties for all formats will be based on net publisher receipts with no hidden deductions and will be paid quarterly."

Fritz Foy is the publisher of the new imprint and Irene Gallo is the Associate Publisher. Carl Engle-Laird is the editorial assistant. The imprint is accepting submissions now and the company will be hiring a dedicated senior editor, publicity manager, marketing manager, and designer. You can read the submission guidelines for this very interesting new imprint here.
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