J.K. Rowling Searches For Writing Paper

Posted on April 10, 2006

J.K. Rowling reports on her website about the extreme difficulty of finding writing paper in Edinburgh.
There is only one thing that annoys me about living in Edinburgh - well, two, but I'm pretty much resigned to the weather now. Why is it so difficult to buy paper in the middle of town? What is a writer who likes to write longhand supposed to do when she hits her stride and then realises, to her horror, that she has covered every bit of blank paper in her bag? Forty-five minutes it took me, this morning, to find somewhere that would sell me some normal, lined paper. And there's a university here! What do the students use? Don't tell me laptops, it makes me feel like something out of the eighteenth century.

The book's still going well, I'm sure you're pleased to hear, lack of paper notwithstanding.
No doubt fans are already arranging a massive writing paper drop on Edinburgh, similar to the Berlin Airlift after World War II. Edinburgh residents might want to wear hardhats.
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