George R.R. Martin Makes a Cameo in the Latest Gay of Thrones Recap

Posted on June 18, 2014

George R.R. Martin made a hilarious cameo in the new Funny or Die Gay of Thrones episode. The web series features L.A. hairstylist Jonathan Van Ness doing someone's hair while recapping the latest Game of Thrones episode from an LGBT viewpoint.

This latest episode features a synopsis of the finale of this season. In this episode Jonathan styles Louis Virtel while catching him up on the finale. Louis has a date with a Game of Thrones fanatic and needs to understand what the show is about and what faux pas to avoid.

Louis gives his usual very funny take on the show (Jon Snow has his Angela Bassett moment walking away from Ygritte's funeral pyre, for example). At the end the scene shifts to a Princess Bride style scene with Martin reading the story aloud to his grandson. The book he is reading from is Gay of Thrones. Just like the kid in The Princess Bride, at first he is bored but by the time the hairdresser gets stabbed during a kiss he is riveted by the story. Martin pokes fun at his reputation for writing slowly by telling the child he must wait until the next book comes out to find out what happens next.

In this world Arya Stark is referred to as "Baby Kristen Stewart," Jamie Lannister is Brother D, Shae is Capital City Celine, Cersei Lanniseter is Blonde Cher, and Brienne is referred to as Tilda Swinton. Take a look:

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