Gabriel Garcia Marquez Left Behind Unfinished Manuscript

NPR reports that Gabriel García Márquez, who recently died at the age off 87, left behind an unpublished manuscript. His family has not yet decided whether or not to publish the manuscript, according to Cristobal Pera, editorial director of Penguin Random House Mexico.

An excerpt from the manuscript was published in Spanish in La Vanguardia, which you can see here. The work's name is En agosto nos vemos or We'll See Each Other in August. The first chapter deals with a a middle-aged woman named Ana Magdalena Bach who goes each year to visit her mother's grave on a tropical island. while there, she meets a man and has an affair with him.

The manuscript was written a number of years ago and some reports say it was supposed to be a collection of four short stories. The author had been unable to write for the last few years due to illness and he never contracted with a publisher for the new work, which now may be a novel. No doubt the family is getting offers from various publishers now. We suspect it will be published in some form, it just depends on how long it is and how much editing would be require to get it ready for publication. Certainly a new work would thrill his legions of loyal readers.

Posted on May 1, 2014

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