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Taylor Swift and Scholastic Team for Kids Writing Contest

Grammy award-winning singer songwriter Taylor Swift has been going to Scholastic in New York City since she was a teen. Taylor would speak to other kids about books and writing. Now that she's 24, she says she feels like a big sister or aunt to the kids who come for the discussion sessions. Read more... October 30, 2014

French Minister of Culture Admits She Doesn't Read Books

The French Minister of Culture has caused a scandal by declaring that she hasn't read a book in more than two years. Fleur Pellerin was being interviewed about how exciting it is for France's own Patrick Modiano to have won the Nobel Prize for Literature when she made an epic gaffe. Read more... October 29, 2014

Sophie Kinsella Talks Channelling Becky Bloomwood

British author Madeleine Wickham had several well-received novels under her belt when one day she opened her Visa bill and got a shock. She also got a vision of a woman who really loved to shop, but was terrible with finance. That woman became Becky Bloomwood, the star of the bestselling Shopaholic series. Read more... October 25, 2014

Amazon Reaches Deal With Simon and Schuster

The publishing industry was surprised this week to learn that Amazon.com and Simon and Schuster have inked a multi-year retail agreement that includes the sale of ebooks. Amazon and Hachette have been locked in negotiations for months and have been unable to reach a deal regarding how ebooks are priced. Read more... October 22, 2014

HarperCollins Expands in Europe, Inks Deal With Daniel Silva

HarperCollins has been making some interesting moves lately. First it acquired Harlequin. Now it has announced the creation of HarperCollins Germany. The new operation will expand Harlequin's existing operation in Hamberg, Germany. Read more... October 13, 2014

French Author Patrick Modiano Wins 2014 Nobel Prize for Literature

French author Patrick Modiano is the winner of the 2014 Nobel Prize in Literature. Modiano, who is 69, is the 11th Frenchman to win the prestigious prize. The shortlisted authors for the prize included Haruki Murakami, Svetlana Aleksijevitj and Ngugi Wa Thiong'o. Read more... October 9, 2014

HarperCollins Offers Authors Extra 10% Royalty For Using New Ecommerce Platform

HarperCollins Publishers is reaching out to authors with the launch of a new ecommerce program. Authors who sell books using the new platform will earn an additional 10% net royalty above what is in their HarperCollins contracts. Read more... October 6, 2014

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