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Apple Loses Ebook Price Fixing Case, Must Pay $450 Million to Consumers

Apple was just dealt a major blow by the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals. It lost its appeal of Judge Denise Cote's ruling that it violated antitrust laws by conspiring with major book publishers to fix the price of ebooks. Under the settlement with the Department of Justice, Apple agreed to pay consumers $450 million if it lost the case on appeal. Read more... July 6, 2015

Court Rules Kafka Manuscripts Belong to National Library of Israel

After a lengthy court battle which has been going on since 2008, a collection of original manuscripts written by German author Franz Kafka will be turned over to the National Library of Israel. The Tel Aviv District Court issued the ruling. Read more... July 4, 2015

Scribd Slashes Number of Romance Titles Available

Scribd has tried to position itself as Netflix for books. For $8.99 a month, readers can read unlimited ebooks and comics. But Scribd has a problem: it's just too popular. Specifically, it has a romance reader problem. Read more... July 2, 2015

E.L. James' Disastrous Twitter Q and A

Fifty Shades of Grey author E.L. James (aka Erika Leonard) is having a trying day today. Her publicist convinced her to answer random questions from the public on Twitter and it did not go well. Unless, of course, she really is into being abused. In that case, kudos to her PR team for setting up a bullying extravaganza that's still going on at #askeljames. Read more... June 29, 2015

Man Asian Prize Winner Shin Kyung-sook Caught in Plagiarism Scandal

Man Asian literary prize winner Shin Kyung-sook has admitted to plagiarism in what has become a huge scandal for the popular and influential South Korean author. Shin won the prize four years ago and had denied repeatedly that she had plagiarized passages directly from the book Patriotism by Japanese author Yukio Mishima. Read more... June 25, 2015

Taylor Swift Criticizes Apple Music's Free Trial in Open Letter

Singer-songwriter Taylor Swift is highly critical of Apple's new streaming music service, Apple Music, in an open letter. Taylor is critical of the tech giant's plans to offer a free 3 month trial to the service because Apple is not offering to pay artists, producers and songwriters during this trail period. Apple Music will cost $9.99 per month after the free trail period ends. Read more... June 21, 2015

John Spurling Wins 2015 Walter Scott Prize for Historical Fiction

John Spurling has won the 2015 Walter Scott Prize for Historical Fiction for his fourth novel The Ten Thousand Things. The book is set in imperial China, during the 14th century. The Mongol founded Yuan Dynasty still rules China. The Mongols are still considered invaders and barbarians by the supporters of the Song dynasty. But a big change is coming soon. Read more... June 20, 2015

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