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Sexist, Insulting Obituary of Colleen McCullough Causes Backlash

Internationally bestselling novelist Colleen McCullough, author of The Thorn Birds, has died at the age of 77. But Australia's best known and best selling novelist did not get a dignified sendoff in The Australian. The newspaper is under fire today for its misogynistic and insulting obituary of the talented Ms. McCullough, who sold more than 30 million books around the world after a successful career as a neurophysiologist and researcher at Yale Medical School and at the the Royal North Shore hospital in Sydney. Read more... February 1, 2015

Robots Writing Over 1,000 Stories Per Month for the Associated Press

The use of computers to create new stories with no help from human reporters is on the rise. So far these stories tend be analysis of financial reports, marketing news or short reports about the results of a sports game. This type of non-human reporting has been dubbed "robot journalism." The Associated Press is one of the company's using the computer software to create stories. They are now publishing 3,000 computer generated stories each quarter or 1,000 per month. Read more... January 31, 2015

George R.R. Martin's Editor Confirms The Winds of Winter Won't Be Published This Year

It's a sad day for Game of Thrones fans: George R.R. Martin's publisher confirmed to The Guardian that the next book in the Song of Ice and Fire series will not hit bookstores this year. Read more... January 30, 2015

Neil Gaimam and Paulo Coelho Write Essays for Chipotle

Chipotle had such a good response to its Cultivating Thought project in which famous authors write essays people can read on their paper drink cups that they decided to do it again. The first set of cups and bags were revealed last May. Read more... January 29, 2015

Sam Smith to Pay Tom Petty Songwriting Royalties for Stay With Me

Grammy nominated singer Sam Smith has agreed to pay songwriting royalties to Tom Petty and Jeff Lynne for his hit song, "Stay With Me." Petty and Lynne have also been given songwriting credits. "Stay With Me" is on Smith's album, In the Lonely Hour. The single has sold nearly 3.5 million copies in the U.S. Read more... January 28, 2015

China Continues Crackdown on Writers: No More Pen Names

China is cracking down on writers once again. The government tightly controls the traditional press in the country, but has been frustrated in its attempts to control social media. In China, many writers and authors use pen names to avoid the censors, especially when they discuss political and controversial issues that could make them a target of the censors and land them in jail. Read more... January 26, 2015

British Court Strikes Down Ban on Sending Books to Prisoners

A British high court ruling has overturned the controversial decision to outlaw sending books to prisoners in the United Kingdom. In December the court ruled that books should be struck off the list of items that cannot be sent to prisoners. Read more... January 24, 2015

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