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Phil Klay Wins, Daniel Handler Horrifies at National Book Awards

Phil Klay won the National Book Award for fiction last night. The former Marine wrote a moving book of short stories based on his experiences in Iraq and integrating back into civilian life. But Klay's win was overshadowed by host Daniel Handler's unfortunate event. Read more... November 20, 2014

Amazon and Hachette Bury the Hatchet

It's official. Amazon.com and Hachette have finally reached a deal. The new contract goes into effect in early 2015, but effective immediately Hachette authors' books will be available for purchase at the same speed as all other books on the site. Read more... November 13, 2014

Taylor Swift's Departure From Spotify Hailed by Songwriters

Award-winning singer songwriter Taylor Swift made headlines when she pulled her music from Spotify just before her new album 1989 was released. The CEO of Spotify was so upset about Taylor pulling her music that he has been haranguing her in the press, saying she could make $6 million in royalties this year if she would only come back. Read more... November 12, 2014

Writers Guild of America Supports Obama's Net Neutrality Proposal

The Writers Guild West has come out strongly in favor of President Obama's proposals to preserve net neutrality. The president gave a speech yesterday in which he asked the FCC to reclassify internet broadband wired and wireless services as a telecommunications service under Title II of the U.S. Code. Read more... November 11, 2014

Kathy Stinson and Dusan Petricic Win Top Canadian Children's Literature Award

Author Kathy Stinson and illustrator Dusan Petricic have won the 10th annual TD Canadian Children's Literature Award for their book The Man With the Violin. Read more... November 9, 2014

Long Lost Steinbeck Short Story Published in The Strand Magazine

A short story by John Steinbeck which has never been in print will be published today. The story of a black aviator in World War II was read on the air during a radio broadcast by Orson Welles in 1944, but was lost after that. Read more... November 7, 2014

Joe Hill Talks Horns and Why the Devil is Like a Superhero

Joe Hill's novel Horns has been turned into a feature film starring Daniel Radcliffe. The protagonist of the book is a young man who begins to grow what look like devil horns. As the horns grow, the character find himself being told people's deepest, darkest secrets. Read more... November 5, 2014

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